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Integrity Selling®

Integrity Selling® is a complex sales training, which influences positively sales forces and supports the behaviour changes.

Leading idea of the Integrity Selling® is perfectly presented by the author of the system Ron Willingham, who writes in “Integrity Selling® for the 21st Century”: “Selling success is more an issue of who you are than what you know. While knowledge is necessary, sustained success comes to the person who’s driven by strong values and ethics.”

Integrity Selling® is a system based on the values and ethics and consists of the number of unique solutions. Such as follows:

  • sale system oriented to the customer’s needs;
  • identification of customer’s various Behaviour Styles;
  • system of follow up sessions conducted through 8 weeks, which supports the obtained knowledge;
  • dynamic and interactive teaching methods influencing attitudes, ideas and skills;
  • manager coaching.

Trainings based on these solutions bring the real benefits, such as follows:

  • Constant, high sales;
  • increased work satisfaction;
  • greater customer’s loyalty;
  • decrease in sales persons’ resistance in conducting business conversations;
  • easiness of setting clear goals;
  • increase empowerment of the sales persons.

Basic values and rules of Integrity Selling® are the deep belief that sales process is mostly mutual exchange of the values. The sale should be proceeded by creating a good relationship with the customer and earning customer’s trust.  Seller aims to understand customer’s needs and desires but never pushes them to make a decision. In the mutual customer-seller relationship the values are the most important and not sale techniques. What matters are truth, respect and honesty. Negotiations shall never be a manipulation, but they should represent a strategy of solving customer’s problems. The closing of the sale is a win-win situation both for the customer and professional seller.


Integrity Selling® system assumes two days training during which participants would be introduced to the practical use of the sale philosophy oriented for customer’s needs. Newly acquired skills would be strengthen by the participation in eight one hour long sessions taking place once a week. During the session participants share experiences and participate in „brain storm”. Final and yet optional stage of the training is offered as individual training sessions with coach during which all skills acquired during the course shall be strengthen.