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Integrity Coaching®

Integrity Coaching ® is the manager training system which equips them in knowledge, skills and tools for improvement of efficiency and team development.

 Rules of Integrity Coaching ®

Integrity Coaching ® is based on the believe that valuable coaching is:

  • Supporting people in building their own career and supporting not only the team but the whole organisation;
  • Identifying the employees potential;
  • Helping people in setting goals and fulfilling them;
  • Believe in people, even if they don’t believe in themselves;
  • Equipping people in tools helping them with self-development;
  • Honest care for others to succeed, including investing time and Energy in promoting such success;
  • Help to find the goal and vision of professional and private life;

Time Line – Behaviours Change

We offer conducting one day interactive introductory seminar after which preliminary evaluation will be conducted.

Based on the evaluation the follow up course consisting of eight 1,5 hour long weekly sessions will be conducted (it is possible to have this course conducted as either a meeting or as an online course). During sessions designed according to the preliminary evaluation, participants will practice the coaching behaviour, report progress and learn from their own and other participants experiences.

After participating in the full course, which would take about nine weeks, the next evaluation will be conducted. Based on that assessment there’s a possibility to upgrade the offer for additional follow-up sessions.