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Integrity Selling is complete program of the sales trainings, characterized by the positive influence to sellers and supports customer needs oriented behaviours.

Integrity Selling is part of Integrity Solutions company, founded in 1968 by Ron Willingham. At the beginning company focused on the leadership trainings. Since 1980 the focus has shifted to the sales effectiveness trainings, known as Integrity Selling®. In the following years the customer service trainings have been introduced. In consequent years 2016 and 2017 Integrity Solutions has been named to the Selling Power’s Top 20 Sales Training Companies and Training Industry Inc.’s Sales Training Companies Watch List.   Integrity Solutions in numbers: 3 000 000 trained people in over 130 countries and over 35 000 certified trainers. In Poland the only certified branch for Integrity Selling trainings is  PUNO Consulting, and only two certified trainers are Adam H. Pustelnik, PhD and Peter Steven Novak, the Management Board of Puno Consulting.

The leading idea of Integrity Selling is perfectly formulated by Ron Willingham in Integrity Selling for the 21st Century: Selling success is more of an issue of who you are than what you know.  While knowledge is necessary, sustained success comes to the person who’s driven by strong values and ethics.

Based on the values and ethics Integrity Selling® system is built upon unique solutions. Among them as follows:

  • customer needs oriented sale system;
  • identification of Behaviour Styles of the customer;
  • system of follow-up trainings, which are conducted over 8 weeks after the training seminar and anchor the obtained knowledge;
  • dynamical methods of learning, which are influencing the basics, believes and skills;
  • managers coaching.


Trainings are conducted based on the those solutions that are providing the measurable values among them such as:

  • constant, high sale;
  • increased job satisfaction;
  • higher customer loyalty;
  • sellers are more motivated to conduct calls;
  • higher goals clarity;
  • increased self-esteem of the sellers.


Basic values and rules of Integrity Selling® are the deep conviction that the sale process is bilateral exchange of values. Sale should be proceeded by the creating of the good relationship with the customer and obtaining his/her trust. Seller shall aim to understand the wishes and needs of the customer, but never to pressure him/her. In the mutual relationship between seller and customer, the thing that matters the most are values and not sale techniques. What matters are truth, respect and honesty. Negotiations shall never be manipulation, but a strategy how to solve customer’s issues. Sale closing is a win-win situation for both seller and client.

Integrity Selling® System is based on the two days trainings, during which participants shall familiarize with customer needs oriented sale techniques. Newly obtained skills will be enhanced during the participation in eight two hours long workshops, which will take place once a week. During the workshops participants would share their experience and take part in „brain storming”. Final and yet optional stage of training will be one on one sessions with a coach.

Integrity Selling is universal system ready to be used in any business. The top clients within United States are from the business as follows:

  • finances and insurances
  • legal offices
  • pharma and health care
  • banks
  • commodities
  • transportation
  • services
  • heavy industry

Training for Leaders

One-on-one coaching to help those in leadership roles develop stronger coaching skills, build people and performance, empower teams to solve problems and develop clear and attainable goals.

Training for Sales Representatives

Support for sales representatives who wish become more effective at communicating value, improving their prospecting and asking the right questions to gain long-term commitment from their clients.

Industries Served

The skills acquired through Integrity Selling® are universal and can be used in any industry. The top U.S. clients using the system are from:

Insurance and fnance
Pharma and healthcare
Service industry
Heavy construction

Measurable Results

Professionals who train through Integrity Selling® report:

Steadier, higher sales
Increased job satisfaction
Higher customer loyalty
More motivated sales teams
Higher goals clarity

How It Works


Participants attend two days of training, where they’ll learn the key principles of needs-based selling behaviors and techniques.


Newly obtained skills will be enhanced during eight weekly workshops. These two-hour interactive sessions allow for attendees to learn from each other’s experiences and brainstorm best practices and ideas.


Participants have the option of attending one-on-one coaching sessions to take what they’ve learned to the next level.